As a marketer today, you know that data and how it is used has transformed marketing.  Each time you run a campaign, you adjust and capture new insights.

With all the uncertainty in the market right now, you know that you will have to respond differently. You know you will have to change how you do things 


Still, you can't help but ask yourself:  

"What should I change to get the best insights from my campaigns?  Where do I start?

What is the riskiest part of my campaigns that needs my attention? Right now!

How do I know I am measuring the right things to understand how my campaign is performing?

Where do I start? How do I decide what needs to change now and what should remain as it is?

How can I increase my confidence that the changes I am making will produce the results that I want to see?

What you need is a quick and repeatable way to identify the change that is going to have the biggest impact.


You've already tried lots of tactics in the past, but is that enough?

A / B Testing

You run alternative tests all the time. But how do you decide what you are testing. Better engagement? Evaluating different channels? 

Conversion Optimization

​But were you converting the right people?  How do you know you are shortening sales cycles?

Data Analytics

You are measuring all the data points that your tech team tells you that you should collect. But do you really understand what it means?  Shouldn't you be telling them what insights you want to collect?

Tracking Spend

Do you really understand the full cost of running campaigns or just the cost of running ads?  How do you measure the cost of a lead?

Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall

You've even tried the fire hose tactic of just trying tons of things to see what sticks.

Great news! There's a better way to do this:

In this course you will pull up out of the weeds of unorganized tactics to perform a self-assessment that highlights areas to prioritize changes, and make deliberate decisions on how to move forward.


We call that a Campaign Strategy Checkpoint


It's a habit you can form and continue using long after the course.


Embracing the strategic thinking concept of See, Select, Strike.


You will adopt an experimental approach of Action - Measure - Insight to uncover possibility.


You will reframe how you look at the funnel in terms of Revenue Analytics.


You will move from a point where you aren't sure if adhoc changes you make have impact, to confidently planning future campaigns with the intention to gain actionable insights.

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Campaign Stategy Checkpoint

A look inside the course

Marketing faces ever changing market conditions.  Add ongoing experimentation into your campaigns to gain insights, minimize risk and maximize growth.

Using the results of the self-assessment, select an area for improvement or change that you want to implement in your marketing campaigns. Use the tool to communicate and gain buy-in from others. Integrate the tool into your experimental marketing efforts to perform a checkpoint at any time in the future.

The Campaign Feedback Loop

You apply an experimental approach to uncover possibility. 

We act. We conduct campaigns.

We measure those campaigns with an abundance of data analytics.

We draw insight from our findings and strategize changes to our campaigns.

(Video Lesson)

Reframing The Funnel

A new look at the funnel though the lens of revenue analytics: Volume, Velocity, Conversion and Value.  As well as the specific metrics that you can use as measurements in each category.  

(Video Lesson)

The Heat Map Assessment

Download and use the Heat Map Assessment tool to do an assessment of how you are applying the Action-Measure-Insight feedback look to a campaign.   The heat map’s conditional formatting with spotlight the areas in most need of attention. 


(Activity Lesson)


YOUR Instructor

Lori O'Grady

I help marketers optimize campaigns to achieve business value that is tied to company objectives, for revenue, pipeline, and engagement. A technologist that believes data should enable business, not hold it back. I am able to take complex things and explain them in simpler terms.  I love inspiring people to do their best.  Specializing in CRM, Analytics and Cloud technologies. Founder of valueSTK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I'm not technical. I have a tech person who sets up what we measure in campaigns. Will this be a problem?

A. The course focuses on strategy and isn't tied to a specific technology.  You don't have to be technical.  The measurements discussed may already be ones that your tech team has recommended you look at. If so, this will give a richer understanding on using the data. If you aren't collecting these measurements already, then it will help you discuss your requirements with your tech team.

Q.  I am already running campaigns and am happy with some of the results. Will I have to change what is already working?

A. That's great!  You will use the learnings and tools in this course to help you identify where you aren't getting the results you want. The benefit of the Heat Map Assessment tool is that it can help you see the contrast between what's working and what is not.  We are big believers in not fixing what isn't broken. You won't have to change things that are already working.

Q.  There are lots of courses and info out there on using metrics in marketing campaigns. What makes this course different?

A. What makes this course different is that it is teaching you a strategy that you can use in planning ongoing campaigns. Often other courses focus on tactics. Or just explain things that you use only during the course and have no practical application later.

Q.  Will I really have time to implement a checkpoint into my regular campaign planning?

A. You will be forming a habit to make deliberate decisions about what you are testing in campaigns. The insights you gain will steer you in a positive direction.  You will gain confidence in your decisions and feel less time pressured.  A little time up front to learn will mean that you save time in the future.

Q.  What do I get in the course?

A. This is what you get:

You gain access to a combination of videos, activities and downloadable tools that guide you through the course learning.  

You are invited to participate in the valueSTK Insights for Marketers private Facebook Group.

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Instructional videos

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Downloadable MS Excel tool 

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